National Broadcasting Council to Review License Renewal for Another TVN Channel Soon

On June 23, the National Broadcasting Council received an application from TVN Warner Bros. Discovery to extend the license for the HGTV Polska satellite channel, which is broadcasted by the TVN company. The spokeswoman of the National Broadcasting Council, Teresa Brykczyńska, informs that “the matter will be considered at one of the next meetings.”

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TVN24 Awarded Television Station of the Year

For the 20th year, the editors of Media Marketing Polska awarded annual awards to electronic media outlets. TVN24 was awarded the title of Television station of the Year, while the Radio Network of the Year was RMF Maxx, and the Podcast Platform of the year was awarded to Year Onet Audio. The Series of the Year went to HBO Max for the crime series “Thaw.”

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New Leadership Elected for Poland’s National Broadcasting Council

On Monday, Maciej Świrski was appointed Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council. He is known to be a heavy critic of TVN, and his critical statements can be easily found online. In an interview with us, former heads and members of the National Broadcasting Council expect a harsher course of the regulator towards private broadcasters.

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TVN CEO Kasia Kieli on TVN’s 25th Anniversary

TVN CEO Kasia Kieli’s TVN24 interview on the legacy and future of TVN.

“We are entering the new 25th anniversary stronger than ever, because we are entering as Warner Bros. Discovery. This creates a completely new opportunity for us” said Kasia Kieli, President & Managing Director Warner Bros. in TVN24. Discovery in Poland and CEO of TVN. Kieli also thanked the audience, “They are amazing, we feel their sympathy, their support at every step, they also stand behind us in more difficult moments – she emphasized.”


After 25 Years of TVN, TVN CEO Kasia Kieli says, “We’re Entering the Next 25 Years Stronger Than Ever.”

Twenty-five years ago – on the 3rd of October, 1997 – TVN was launched for the first time. The nationwide television channel was a dream come true for a group of visionaries who desired to bring the viewers news and entertainment on the highest level.

“This is a beautiful anniversary, and we have plenty to be proud of. Each person who used to work or works for TVN has reasons to be proud because we have built it together. Courage, thinking forward, attempts to launch new formats, responsibility for what we’re doing, but first and foremost, caring for the viewers and making sure we give them only what is the best, “President & Managing Director Warner Bros. Discovery Poland and TVN CEO Kasia Kieli said on Monday morning on TVN24.


Warsaw Hosts Two-Day Security Forum

Warsaw Security Forum, a two-day meeting featuring top politicians and defense industry representatives from the EU and the US, started on Tuesday.

Polish Defence Minister and deputy Prime Minister Mariusz Blaszczak opened the conference with reference to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and said that “the 24th of February (when Russia started its war against Ukraine – PAP) has become a reminder for us all that the nightmares of a full-scale war in Europe are not a thing of the past.”


TVN Has Prepared Special Editions of Their Programs in Celebration of 25 Years on Air

On this day 25 years ago, TVN television station was launched. The station has prepared special editions of its programs.

Dzień dobry TVN, Fakty, and Milionerzy will feature special guests and footage about the beginnings of the station. Hosts of Dzień dobry TVN will take part in a quiz show to test their knowledge of TVN. After that, Ewa Drzyzga, Olivier Janiak, and Monika Olejnik will tell the viewers how their work at the station has changed over time. Fakty will feature a special birthday setting and footage that sums up 25 years of the program. Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan and Krzysztof Skórzyński, as well as Michel Moran and Tomasz Jakubiak, will compete in the birthday edition of Milionerzy.


TVN Foundation raised PLN 5 million for the Construction of the Center for Child and Youth Psychiatry and Oncology

The Summer Night Ball organized by the TVN Foundation has returned after a three-year hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The income from the sale of tickets, direct donations and auctions of items donated to the foundation by generous donors of this year’s edition of the ball amounted to almost PLN 5 million. PLN 1 million in this amount was donated by Amazon , which supports the foundation in the fight to improve child psychiatry in Poland.


TVN Foundation’s Summer Nights Ball Raises Over 5 million Zlotys for Poland’s First Children’s and Youth Psychiatry and Oncology Center

On Saturday, one of the largest and most prestigious charity events in Poland, the Summer Night Ball, was put on by the TVN Foundation. We managed to collect nearly five million zlotys, and one million zlotys was donated by Amazon. The money will be allocated to the construction of the first Children’s and Youth Psychiatry and Oncology Center in Poland, which is being built at the Children’s Health Center.

The Midsummer Night Ball returned three years after the pandemic. The funds collected during this year’s ball will be donated by the TVN Foundation for the construction of the first Children’s and Youth Psychiatry and Oncology Center in the country at the Children’s Health Center. The construction cost is over PLN 70 million. The TVN Foundation is responsible for PLN 35 million raised for this investment.


“Gross Violation of the Law” of the National Broadcasting Council with Regard to the License for TVN Siedem

The Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw ruled that the National Broadcasting Council was inactive on the extension of the license for TVN Siedem – “Presserwis” learned.

The Provincial Administrative Court dealt with TVN SA’s complaint about the inactivity of the National Broadcasting Council on Tuesday, September 13, during a closed session. The court – as reported to “Presserwis” by the judicial information department – stated that “there was an inactivity of the authority, which was a gross violation of the law”.


TVN Interview with CNN’s Nic Roberston at the 2022 Karpacz Economic Forum

CNN’s International Diplomatic Editor, Nic Robertson, sits down with TVN at the 2022 Karpacz Economic Forum in Karpacz, Poland.


How TVN was Hardened

Everything is mixed up. Tomasz Lis makes a mistake in the first sentence. “We are starting with the thirty hour… the thirty hour drama of twenty German yacht passengers,” Lis reports on the rescue operation in the Baltic Sea. After the announcement, the footage with a floating sailing ship is aired. “Thursday afternoon,” says the narrator. Lis can be heard again in the background: “I am now talking to Iwona.”

It is Iwona Radziszewska, connecting live from Gdańsk. “Fifteen passengers uhm, those who disembarked in Władysławowo uhm, are now safe,” she makes mistakes all the time, looking at her notebook in the meantime. Next, news about the future prime minister, reconstruction of the Danube bridge, Andrzej Gołota and a homeless dog that terrorised the town of Solec Kujawski. They ended the news service without any further major slip-ups.


Polish, US top diplomats discuss support for Ukraine

Poland’s foreign minister on Wednesday night held a phone call with the US secretary of state, with further support for Ukraine and cooperation on nuclear energy in focus.


Poland sends Ukraine best wishes on Independence Day

Polish leaders – including president Andrzej Duda, prime minister Morawiecki, and foreign minister Rau – sent their best wishes on Wednesday (August 24) to the Ukrainian nation on the 31st anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence of Ukraine.


Ukrainian Embassy Official Thank Poland for Independence Day

The charge d’affaires at the Ukrainian embassy in Poland has told PAP it is thanks to friends like the Poles that his country has the possibility to celebrate its Independence Day.


Polish President Duda in Kyiv to Discuss More Aid for Ukraine

Polish President Andrzej Duda offered more support for Ukraine and called for an end to the Russian occupation of Crimea during his visit to Kyiv on Tuesday as Russia’s invasion of the country approached the six-month mark.


Foreign Minister Rau in Kiev with One Simple Message for Ukraine

Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and OSCE Chairman Zbigniew Rau visited Kiev on Tuesday (August 2), where he met with President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba. Rau also visited the town of Bucha, heavily damaged by the Russian forces. “I witnessed the outcome of mindless cruelty, which is impossible to describe,” the minister said.


US F-22 Raptor Jets Arrive in Poland’s Łask Air Base

On Thursday (August 4th), United States Air Force F-22 Raptor fighter jets arrived at the 32nd Tactical Air Base in Łask, Poland (Łódź Voivodeship). “One of the state-of-the-art fighter jets in the world are coming to Poland as part of #NATOAirShielding mission on the eastern flank of the Alliance” – Poland’s Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak said on Twitter. The ministry had informed last week that American F-22 crews would be training together with Polish pilots.


Poland Has Accepted 5.18 Million Refugees Since War in Ukraine Started

Since February 24, when Russia invaded Ukraine, around 5.18 million people have crossed the Polish-Ukrainian border into Poland, the Border Guard (SG) tweeted on Monday morning.


Morawiecki confirms that Poland and Hungary have parted ways

Commenting on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s words, his Polish counterpart Mateusz Morawiecki said on Friday (July 29) that “Poland and Hungary have parted ways”. He denied Poland was taking part in the war in Ukraine, saying that his country was only making efforts to help the Ukrainians “to survive the brutal Russian attack” and “keep territorial integrity”.


TVN24 Exclusive Interview with US Ambassador Mark Brzezinski

TVN reporter Katarzyna Kolenda-Zaleska’s exclusive interview with Ambassador Brzezinski covered a range of topics such as his upbringing, democracy, the situation in Ukraine and his father’s legacy, Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor to then President Jimmy Carter.


U.S. Ambassador: we had always hoped that the word “permanent” would be attached to U.S. forces in Poland



“The significance is that it is the first permanent U.S. force on NATO’s eastern flank,” U.S. Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski said in an interview for TVN24, referring to U.S. President Joe Biden’s commitment to establishing V Corps permanent headquarters in Poland. “The message is: Poland is safe and Poland is secure,” Brzezinski assured.



Statement by private broadcasters: we protest against depriving viewers of access to their favorite channels

TVN, Polsat, TV Puls, and Kino Polska have issued a joint statement regarding the switch to a different standard of digital terrestrial television. “On June 27, the process of changing the frequency and broadcasting standard of terrestrial TV stations – from DVB-T to DVB-T2 – will be completed. As a result of the decision made by the Office of Electronic Communications at the request of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, the private broadcasters were treated differently than the public television which, unlike the commercial broadcasters, does not have to switch to the new DVB-T2 broadcasting standard.”

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Biden at the G7 Summit: “Our nations and our world stand at a genuine inflection point in history”

The three-day G7 Summit was held earlier this week in Germany (June 26 – 28). At the joint leaders’ conference, United States President Joe Biden pointed out that “technology has made our world smaller, more immediate, and more connected. It’s opened up incredible opportunities, but also accelerated challenges that impact on all of us,” he said. He also informed that the G7 leaders intend to mobilize nearly $600 billion by 2027 for strategic investments that will help achieve global stability.


Reuters Institute: TVN, TVN24 and Most Trusted Media in Poland


TVN Group, including TVN24, has been ranked the most popular media outlet when it comes to traditional media, whereas the news portal has been ranked the third most popular choice in Poland in terms of online outlets, according to the latest report published by Reuters Institute.


In the latest “Digital News Report”, Reuters Institute said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine had increased the popularity of media, including television as well as online outlets. The authors also pointed out that interest in the news before the war had been on the decline, whereas government pressure exerted over independent media had been increasing. Furthermore, it was said that “the current crisis is unlikely to obscure the deep divisions in Polish society and politicization of previously independent media”.


President Duda: “Those who have seen destruction in Ukraine understand why we need NATO troops on the eastern flank”

President Andrzej Duda in Latvia PAP / Marcin Obara
President Andrzej Duda and Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak visited Latvia on Tuesday and met with Polish soldiers stationed there as part of NATO forces. Both leaders stressed the crucial importance of NATO troops protecting the eastern flank of the Alliance. “Anyone who has seen Irpin, Borodyanka, Bucha, Mariupol, and other places in Ukraine, understands why the allied forces are stationed along NATO’s eastern flank,” the president said. “So that no one attacks us,” he added.

President Duda visited Latvia on Tuesday and met with Polish soldiers stationed in the Adazi military base as part of the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence battalion.

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US State Department Official: Russian Atrocities in Ukraine similar to that of WWII


Beth Van Schaack, US State Department’s Ambassador-at-Large for Global Criminal Justice, said in an interview for TVN24 how Russian war crimes perpetrators could be prosecuted. In her opinion, “the scale of what we saw in WWII is very similar to what we’re seeing now across the country of Ukraine”.


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Together, We Can Support Ukraine

The world is watching as Russia continues its unprovoked war on the peaceful people of Ukraine. Over 3.5 million Ukrainian refugees have fled to Poland and roughly 50,000 are arriving each day.

During these hard times, we must remind ourselves our voice is stronger together. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine.

We have seen firsthand how our collective voice can help. TVN Discovery Group reporters in Poland are telling the story of what is happening on the ground in Ukraine. Broadcasting this important information to viewers in Poland and beyond is more important than ever.

Importantly, TVN Discovery Group also supports Save the Children and stands with Ukrainian children and families displaced by this unnecessary war.

We ask YOU to join the cause.

Support Ukraine

TVN Discovery Group persevered to stay on the air in Poland with YOUR help. Now let’s come together again to help Ukraine and all of its people. Join us.

Discovery RISE

Discovery RISE (Reducing Inequality and Supporting Empowerment) initiative is partnering with Save the Children to support a relief fund for Ukrainian children who are in grave danger of physical harm, severe emotional distress and mass displacement. Your donation can help provide children and families with immediate aid, such as food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support and cash assistance.


TVN Discovery Group

TVN Discovery Group and the Polish Humanitarian Action have started a partnership to help those fleeing war and those still in need of support in Ukraine. All proceeds will provide humanitarian aid including food and other forms of support to people who had to leave their homes.


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Do you know of additional resources and opportunities to support Ukraine?
Email us.