| June 20, 2022 

TVN Group, including TVN24, has been ranked the most popular media outlet when it comes to traditional media, whereas the news portal has been ranked the third most popular choice in Poland in terms of online outlets, according to the latest report published by Reuters Institute.

In the latest “Digital News Report”, Reuters Institute said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine had increased the popularity of media, including television as well as online outlets. The authors also pointed out that interest in the news before the war had been on the decline, whereas government pressure exerted over independent media had been increasing. Furthermore, it was said that “the current crisis is unlikely to obscure the deep divisions in Polish society and politicization of previously independent media”.

In this context, the report mentions the purchase of Polska Press by Poland’s state-owned oil giant Orlen and the subsequent firing of its chief editors, the long-lasting dispute over the so-called lex TVN, as well as takeovers of Eurozet by Agora and Edipresse Polska by Burda Media.

“Newspapers suffered as their paid circulation dwindled and the price of paper skyrocketed,” the authors noted.

The report also mentioned the migrant crisis at the Polish-Belarusian border, during which access to the area had been severely restricted by the Polish government.

“Deepening conflict between the government and media pushed Poland further down in the World Press Freedom Index compiled by Reporters Without Borders (RSF) and fuelled polarisation,” we read in the report. This year Poland was ranked 66th among 180 countries.

According to Reuters Institute, when it comes to the weekly reach of Polish traditional media outlets (television, radio, press), TVN (including TVN24) was on the top of the list with 49% of respondents admitting to using this outlet in search of information at least once a week, while 32% said they were using it at least three times a week.

RMF FM has been ranked 2nd – 35% of respondents use the outlet at least once a week, and 25% at least three times a week. Third place has been taken by Polsat News, with 30% and 20% respectively.

In the online media ranking, the portal has been ranked 3rd – 27% use it at least once a week, whereas 17% at least three times a week. The top spot has been taken by (42% once a week, 28% three times a week). Wirtualna Polska has been ranked second (35% and 23%). Further down the list there are the following outlets:,,,,,,, and