On average, 2.63 million viewers on Eurosport 1 and TVN watched the Roland Garros final won by Iga Świątek, which is more than two years ago. While broadcasting the match, Eurosport 1 was the most watched television station in Poland.

The final match, which started on Saturday, 4 May at 3 pm, attracted an average of 1.38 million viewers to Eurosport 1, and 1.25 million viewers to TVN. During this time, Eurosport 1 reached 17.3% of the market share and – according to the TVN Group – was the most-watched channel among viewers aged 4 and over. TVN had a market share of 15.6%, and its share among viewers aged 16 to 49 was 13.7%, which made the station the leader in the commercial group.

In total, while broadcasting the final match, Eurosport 1 and TVN won 33% of the market share, which means that every third viewer watching television at that time switched to Roland Garros.

This year’s French Open tournament started on 22 May. The broadcast of Iga Świątek’s match in the first round of Roland Garros (Monday, 23 May from 12:10 pm to 1:13 pm) was watched by an average of 414,000 viewers on Eurosport 1, the second round match (Thursday, 26 May from 4:29 pm to 5:24 pm) was watched by 751,000 viewers, the third round match (Saturday, 28 May from 12:03 pm to 1:47 pm) was watched by 832,000 viewers, and the fourth round match (Monday 30 May from 5:37 pm to 8:28 pm) was watched by 1.1 million viewers. The quarterfinal with Świątek (Wednesday, 1 June from 2:21 pm to 4:23 pm) attracted an average of 791,000 viewers to Eurosport 1, and the semifinal match (Thursday, 2 June from 3:05 pm to 4:21 pm) attracted 972,000 viewers.

In October 2020, the Roland Garros final, which was also won by Iga Świątek, attracted an average of 2.5 million viewers to TVN and Eurosport 1. When broadcasting the Świątek match, the channels had an average of 27.4% of the market share.

Data: Nielsen Media.

Press.pl | June 7, 2022