The TVN Group donated PLN 22 million to fight the pandemic. “Support and real help”

Over the last 2 years, the TVN Group has allocated over PLN 22 million to fight the pandemic. – During the pandemic, we supported medical institutions, health care workers and entrepreneurs. We also provided the viewers with educational campaigns and access to culture and entertainment – says Rafał Mikołajczyk, director of internal communication and CSR at TVN.

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The amount of PLN 22 million includes both direct donations and the value of advertising time donated to free social campaigns.

– Our role as TVN Group is not only to provide real, reliable and credible information to viewers, but also to initiate and engage in activities that bring support and real help in everyday life. During the pandemic, we supported medical institutions, health care workers and entrepreneurs. We also provided viewers with educational campaigns and access to culture and entertainment. We are glad that we can thank the communities in which we live and work – comments Rafał Mikołajczyk, director of internal communication and CSR at TVN.

During the epidemic in Poland, TVN undertook a number of aid actions related to the fight against the coronavirus, aimed at supporting health care workers. The TVN Foundation donated PLN 1 million to Warsaw Genomics, which offers free coronavirus tests to hospitals and other medical service providers. Thanks to these funds, their laboratories performed 2,500 tests.

A specialized pediatric hospital – the Institute “Monument – Children’s Health Center” – received funds from the TVN Foundation in the amount of PLN 100,000. PLN for the purchase of swabs needed to test the presence of coronavirus and for personal protective equipment.

Almost PLN 5 million from the “#concert for heroes”

On April 4, 2020, the TVN Foundation and organized a four-hour charity “concert for heroes” , during which over 30 Polish artists performed. The aim of the event was to raise funds to support medical workers across the country. Almost PLN 5 million was collected, which was transferred to 55 hospitals and other medical institutions.

PLN 6 million of aid for SMEs

TVN has undertaken many assistance activities aimed at business, in particular in the SME sector, to help them find their way in the new reality. 1000 companies from all over Poland took advantage of the offer to advertise their services on the channels and platforms of the TVN group, which gave them such an opportunity for a symbolic zloty. The value of aid for SMEs amounted to PLN 6 million.

During the second wave of the pandemic, TVN extended a helping hand to restaurant owners and the poorest people. Thanks to the cooperation with the nationwide network of Food Banks, 180 restaurants were involved in the preparation of almost 120 thousand. hot meals that reached the most needy. During the two months at the turn of 2020/2021, funds in the total amount of PLN 2.3 million were collected.

Free emission of social information campaigns supporting the fight against the coronavirus pandemic is another element of TVN’s charity commitment. The Group broadcast on its channels the National Campaign of Protective Vaccinations, the campaign “Wear a mask” and “Safe ProteGo Application”. Their advertising equivalent in total amounted to PLN 5.6 million.

A range of pandemic information programs

The information department of the TVN Group played an important role in the fight against the pandemic. The “Warning: Coronavirus” program launched from the first days of the pandemic provided the latest information on the COVID-19 virus, the development of the epidemic, current restrictions, recommendations resulting from them and ways of dealing with isolation from loved ones.

The TVN24 and TVN channels provided up-to-date information on the situation related to the spread of the coronavirus, provided news about the latest government decisions or requirements regarding social distancing. A large portion of the airtime was devoted to debunking false COVID-19 information, practical tips on infection prevention, expert advice and answers to frequently asked questions by viewers. News journalists and reporters worked in a rotational system to ensure viewers constant and uninterrupted access to the latest information.

Famous TVN personalities took part in the #zostanwdomu campaign. Their short films broadcast on all TVN Group channels encouraged viewers to stay at home during the quarantine period. Celebrities shared their tips on how to creatively spend time and stay connected with others despite the demands of social distancing.

High school graduates could benefit from the support that the Metro channel prepared for them by broadcasting educational programs entitled “”. Secondary school students preparing for the matriculation examination could take advantage of a series of 141 television classes, which helped them in the difficult time related to the closure of schools during the epidemic.

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