Polish Americans Across the U.S. Raise Their Voices in Support of TVN

“As the proposed new media law in Poland and the renewal of TVN’s license are considered, we urge the Polish government to act in the best interest of the country by ensuring a free, independent media and by safeguarding US business interests in Poland.”

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“You even don’t know how important the voice from the US for Poland for a democratic society. Just thinking there are people who really care about Democracy and human rights in Poland is amazing.”

Ryszard Schnepf, Former Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to the United States

“Free and independent media is essential for the democracy of any country. As a Polish American, whose own father fought for Poland’s freedom. The fight that he waged and the idea of it being lost is devastating.”

Nina Siemaszko, Actress: The West Wing, American President, Mystery Woman

“The answer and logic is simple, the shutting down of TVN would curb the free speech and would make the publication of various scandals surrounding the current government impossible. Hence the attempt to curb down TVN, the main source of news information in Poland”

Andrzej Jarmakowski, representing the U.S. Polish diaspora, a historian, journalist and high-ranking “Solidarity” member from Gdansk, jailed in internment camp during Poland’s 1981 martial law

“When I first heard about the TVN situation, I was never thinking that what we are doing is really absurd. I thought it was a joke when I heard about it the first time. And now we are talking about it and its starts to be really dangerous for us. It’s funny because a couple years ago Poland was a really free country. And what is happening now is not really not funny to us.”

Laura Breszka, Actress on Saturday Night Live ‘SNL’ in Poland